Simple: future value. Bamboo is a timber alternative. More importantly, it is free of the worries and hassles that often accompany investments due to its non-correlation with other asset classes, easily retaining its value despite fluctuations in the global economy. Bamboo stands alone and it stands tall, diversifying your portfolio and offsetting risk while remaining environmentally-proactive. Going green has never been easier or more profitable. Consider the following benefits:

Fast growth-rate, faster returns

Bamboo is one of the fastest growing and most productive plants in the world (second only to ocean kelp), growing at a phenomenal rate compared to other tropical hardwoods. After harvesting, a 20-meter hardwood tree can take up to 100 years to replace. In comparison, a 20-meter bamboo Culm can be replaced in as little as 50 days.


Investing in 1 unit of timber bamboo is projected to return a profitability of over 250 percent throughout the course of a 10-year investment term.

High demand

Bamboo is widely sought after for its versatile range of commercial uses including food, medicine, joinery, panels, flooring, furniture, charcoal, pulp, paper, textiles, energy and biofuel.

Zero-waste plant

A single bamboo clump can produce up to 15 kilometres of usable pole, all of which can be used to make a wide assortment of products. From root to shoot – it all has value.

No large buy-in

Unlike other asset classes, you invest only the amount you’re comfortable with, confident in the knowledge that you have diversified your portfolio with a reliable and highly-valuable commodity.

Reliable income

Bamboo produces mature timber that can be harvested after only three years, delivering almost immediate short-term profits – as opposed to traditional timber that can take decades to provide a return on your investment.

Insured and protected

Guarded by 24-hour security personnel, 100 percent of all the trees planted on your behalf are guaranteed to reach maturity. Those that do not survive or underperform will be replaced by our company stock.

Environmentally Sustainable

The bamboo tree consumes four times more CO2 than a standard tree and produces 35 percent more oxygen, reducing the impact of environmental pollution while preserving old-growth forests, Bamboo before processing.

Return on Investment Highlights

1) 100 % Land Ownership of Investor.
2) Regular annual returns.
3) Guaranteed returns of more than 150 % over 10 years.
4) Higher returns than bank fixed deposits.
5) Income from investment will be free from Income Tax u/s 10(1).
6) Fastest growing timber on the planet.