Is it a special tree grown only in India?
Bamboos are grown at many places in the world and since its very hardy plant it can grow in the desert and also in the foothills of the Himalayas.

Is it Organic?
It is at present grown with organic manures & fertilizers.

Is the company complying with any norms / certifications?
Yes the company shall adhere to the most ethical norms suggested by international certification bodies for management of managed forestry stands. We shall be applying for the FSC / PEFC Certification, which are non-governmental bodies. http://forestecocertification.com/

Is the land irrigated?
Yes, the water provision is done by lift irrigation and we are going to use drip irrigation for conservation of water.

Can Bamboo cultivation really fetch good returns?
Certainly the returns shall be good as bamboo, always has a good demand.

What is the market potential?
Bamboo has over 1000 documented uses. Commercial uses range from paper industry, energy, construction, textiles and furniture to name a few.

The returns you claim, are they realistic?
We have calculated the existing market rates for wholesale only and future calculation have also been done on current price only.

How much land I would own if I am an investor?
As a farm investor you shall own one acre of land behind every unit you purchase, one acre is 43560 square feet or 4041 square meters.

If I do not get the returns?
We will insure all the trees and against the assured value, you may not lose much even in the worst scenario.

Is my investment transferable?
Yes you can, but the company should be informed in the proper manner about the sale / transfer and or nomination or re selling The original Lease Agreement which will be issued by the company should be the only evidence based on which we would act. So keep it safe.

Can I withdraw in the middle?
We are sorry. No withdrawal is permitted in the middle. We would continue to grow tress/crops on your land share and would give the profit at the end of the each year after deducting all the cost involved to get them grown.

Can I see the land in possession before I invest?
Yes you can, the company shall arrange the site visit.

Will you update the growth progress regularly?
Yes you would be informed about the growth progress by e-mail/updating the web site in regular intervals. We also would recommend you personally visit the farm.

What measure you will take to safeguard the trees?
We have Solar fenced the entire farm and the farm shall have a set of security guards 24 x 7 x 365 days of the year with self contained quarters for them to live.

Are you a company running this business?
We are a Group of like minded entrepreneurs involved in this project having expertise in different fields such as Agriculture, Construction and Industry. The combined experience the group executives are about 45 years young to take up this ambitious project.

What is probable ROI?
It will be more than Fixed deposits and is free from Income Tax, we are assuring a ROI of about 13%.