When you invest with Meddini you are assured of safety of your land, assurance of your returns, appreciation of your land and returns that are absolutely TAX FREE.

In the past companies offering lease packages for teak, sandalwood, melia plantations with very attractive returns. Unfortunately, many of these high yield investment programs are based on incorrect yield forecasts and unrealistic returns.

MEDDINI offers its Investors

100% Land Ownership of the Investor.

Fastest Growing Timber on the Planet.

Higher returns than Bank Fixed Deposit

Regular annual returns

Income free from Income Tax u/s 10 (1)

Bamboo the new timber set to replace Conventional Timbers

The demand and awareness for green products is growing and India is importing timbers from 12 countries and the import bill is all set to increases as the demand goes up and the demand for timbers is estimated to be 150 million cu.m by 2020. This would put a heavy burden on the economy and the best alternative to timbers is bamboo lumber which is gaining popularity and China has already taken a lead.

If bamboo is cultivated on a larger scale and in a professionally managed manner, bamboo can answer the call for a replacement to expensive timbers and also help in stalling deforestation and also helps in climate control.

Bamboo has proved its importance in many developed and developing countries in many ways and bamboo is being used from making charcoal to organic cotton. The potential is very vast and bamboo is estimated to be a $ 20 billion industry by the year 2015.
MEDDINI shall maintain your plantation for a period of 10 years on Lease and the lease can be further extended.

What does the investor get per unit of Investment: 1 unit = 1 acre of land (43,560 sq.ft) along with 1000 bamboo plants, which can give a yield for the next almost 100 years.

We do not bind investors to any long term contracts with MEDDINI. This means you are free to maintain and manage the plantation yourself or by any 3rd party forestry management company of your choice after the expiry of the lease agreement of 10 years.

What is the Annual Projected Revenue for “Meddini’s” Bamboo Plantation?

MEDDINI can pay an annual projected 14%, per acre for your bamboo crop, starting from 1st year, and every year after that. The returns are free from Income Tax u/s 10(1).

Why Invest in Forestry?

Global demand for timber continues to grow faster than supply can meet. And much of the world’s current timber supply comes from unsustainable sources such as South American Rainforests and tropical rainforests in South East Asia

Forestry has a low correlation to equity markets and bonds especially when it is unleveraged, the S & P has put timber as the highest revenue earner year on year giving a return of 16%.

Timber volume from cultivated plantations will need to increase to meet growing global demand for this completely renewable and basic raw material required throughout the world in a huge variety of industries from construction to energy, fencing to packaging, bio-fuel to furniture

Plantation forests greatly reduce pressure on natural rainforests and protect millions of acres of previously threatened rainforest thus helping to reduce the effects of global warming

Forests are also a major store of carbon as they sequester Carbon Dioxide from the atmosphere, thus mitigating global warming and the effects of climate change

Forestry investment provides stability and is largely immune to stock markets as well as providing an excellent hedge against inflation. As trees grow their timber volume and, therefore, value increases

Trees grow at a highly predictable rate irrespective of ecological conditions.

“The World Market for Bamboo is valued at US$ 10 Billion and is expected to reach about $20 Billion by 2015” Ministry of Agriculture, India